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Wind Eggs is Really in the Wind

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3 min readApr 20, 2024


I love you guys.

Okay, maybe that was a slight exaggeration.

I love having you guys as readers. Which is why I want to invite you to my new venture, Wind Eggs on Substack. The new Wind Eggs will not only feature five weekly stories (with bonus stories for paid subscribers), but more of the humor I write for The Haven, a new section on religion called Righteous Indigestion, archives of stories from Medium that are difficult to find, and the occasional serious articles I’ve written for Medium publications such as The Arc, Politically Speaking, and The Bigger Picture.

Did you catch the words “paid subscribers” in the previous paragraph. That’s how I can sustain my writing. Wind Eggs will contain free content for any subscriber, but Substack allows for paid subscriptions (similar to Patreon, or Buy Me a Coffee). Paid subscriptions provide exclusive content and rewards such as promo codes for Wind Eggs swag—once I figure out how to issue them—and even a chance to win free swag. (Free for lucky readers. Not for me, since I pay for it).

Best of all, more stories readers loved, such as “Work Ethic,” “Not So Fond Farewell,” “Unexpected Encounter,” “Friendly Competition,” and one of my personal favorites, “Turkey Shoot” (#TurkeyLivesMatter).

Story art for “Work Ethic.” All it lacks is a unicorn.

As I said, I love it when readers drop by the site, even the ones that never clap. But Medium doesn’t love that relationship enough to pay me. This is a frequent complaint from Medium writers, and I know because as contributing editor to The Haven, I’ve edited a number of articles expressing writer frustration.

To be honest, I was never looking to get rich, or even to generate a sustainable income. However, I did an analysis of my story income and am currently making less than 10 cents a story, far less than three, or even two years ago.

Blame it on me, Medium. I know. If I were a better writer, or better at marketing my work, I’d make more money. True. But guess what? If I were a better writer, or better at marketing my work, I’d still make more money on Substack than Medium.

Story Art for “Turkey Shoot,” one of the many Thanksgiving stories I wrote for WInd Eggs.

What does this mean for my readers? It means I will be running a five story series over two weeks instead of one. And the stories will run on Medium several weeks after they appear on Substack. Same with my fake news stories on The Haven. Those stories will appear on Substack first, and the less timely ones later on The Haven.

I’m not abandoning you (completely). I’m simply inviting you on a new adventure. Check the new site out. Everything will be free while I iron the kinks out and then more (and more exclusive) content will be added for only $5 a month. (Unlike Patreon, I don’t get to set the rate, unless I want to charge even more per month.)

See you there.