6 Cool things you didn’t know about Michele

In another post, we learned a lot about what Michele does as the product manager within the digital financial services function at WindTre. We also got some great advice on how to delight customers. Here, we highlight six awesome things about Michele.

If you had to describe six things about yourself, what would you say? Just shout it out. This isn’t a test — we just want to know what’s important to you and what’s important about you.

At WindTre, we like to go beyond the work (especially when there’s food to be had). That’s because we understand it’s our people and our relationships that have helped us become the largest telco operator in Italy.

So, let’s get to learning about Michele. Here, we sum up six awesome facts we learned from our conversation.

1. Here’s why Michele chose marketing and product management:

He likes people, not numbers. That’s not a bad thing. Michele often talks about how he observes consumers, like when he’s riding the Milan metro. As Michele says, “I’ve always had an interest in why people want certain things and how they use them.”

Note: Michele doesn’t hate numbers. In fact, he’s become good friends with numbers now that big data and analytics has become so vital to his role.

2. Here’s how Michele keeps on improving:

La troppa curiosita’ spinge l’uccello nella rete

He stays curious. As Michele notes,

“If you’re curious, there is nothing you can’t learn or achieve. It will allow you to work better and live better.”

Of course, Michele notes the importance of not letting curiosity go overboard. After all, you have to remember this famous Italian proverb: “La troppa curiosita’ spinge l’uccello nella rete.” This means, “Too much curiosity pushes the bird into the net” (or curiosity kills the cat).

3. Here’s what Michele reads when he has free time:

He reads detective books. Specifically, he likes works by Roberto Saviano, a famous crime journalist and author.

A great book by Saviano he’s read recently is La Paranza dei Bambini, which tells the story of ten young Neapolitans who are blinded and attracted by money and power. These teens are willing to do anything to achieve those things and aren’t afraid of the consequences, even death.

Sounds like a riveting plot, right? After you finish reading the rest of this post, go read it!

4. Here’s what Michele eats when he’s hungry:

Michele enjoys cooking and eating fish when he has free time. We’re going to remember that next time we have a party! But if his mother’s cooking, he’ll ask for parmigiana di melanzane every time (that’s a guarantee).

Now that we’re talking about food, we can’t help but bring up another Italian proverb: Tutto finisce a tarallucci e vino.” This translates as “It all ends with biscuits and wine.” The bigger meaning is that no matter what issues, troubles, or disagreements you have along the way, solutions will be reached — and a feast will be had.

So, after we finish these next two fun facts about Michele, let’s go have a feast.

5. Here’s why Michele thinks everyone should dive into another culture:

Before accepting a position at WindTre, Michele lived and studied in São Paulo, Brazil, a time he describes as truly transformative.

“In São Paulo, Brazil, I studied business administration, but life outside the classroom was the best part of my time there,” recalls Michele. “The people were amazingly friendly, and I made friends so fast. It was simply a great learning experience for me.”

When Michele made his way back to his homeland, his perspective had widened. He was ready to take on bigger things, like this big job at WindTre.


6. Here’s why Michele believes home is where the heart is:

Ask Michele for a recommendation about a place to visit in Italy, and he’ll say Benevento. He joking admits his answer to this question may be a little bias, as Benevento is his hometown. But most everyone agrees that Benevento is a gorgeous place. One look at the pictures, and you’ll be thinking about booking your ticket there.

There is a bigger meaning Michele is getting at here. It’s that you should always remember your hometown, no matter if you’re studying in Brazil, eating fish with colleagues in Milan, or reading the latest novel in Venice. Knowing your roots will make sure the foundation of your career and personal path is strong.

So there you go…

Well, now you’ve learned six awesome things about Michele. If anything, you should be inspired to travel and eat. That sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

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