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Thoughts on VSCode Remote Development

Can we stop reinventing version managers now?

  1. There is no such thing as a “standard” development environment. Even very small teams have to hack in plugins to make their chosen combination of tools work. Will devcontainer.json have a plugin ecosystem?
  2. Docker-compose is a great file format, but the runtime engine is on its way out. Teams hate having separate docker-compose and k8s configs that work differently. What will replace it as the go-to for dev envs?
  3. More services == more containers. VSCode says: “Currently you can only connect to one container per VS Code window.” No one wants to have 5 windows open to understand their service.
  4. As development environments get more complicated, teams need tools to test them. Will there be a devcontainer.json test framework? Will a DevOps engineer be able to do staged rollouts to the team, or help debug env problems?



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