Windmill Fan Program

Dan Bentley
May 22, 2018 · 1 min read
Gopher feels the wind in their fur

Windmill is experimenting with Live Development. We’re building small tools we hypothesize will improve developer workflows. We need people to try them and give feedback. Other companies might call these Alpha Testers.

At Windmill, we call them Fans.

Fans get to try our experiments. Each experiment should take:

  • 2 minutes to decide if it’s right for you (e.g., it might be for an IDE you don’t use)
  • 15–30 minutes to install and set up
  • 1–2 days of working as you normally do, and seeing how it feels
  • 10 minutes to give us feedback. (Or more! We’ll listen for as long as you talk)

We’re launching our first experiment soon. Very soon! Before June!

Be the first to hear about future experiments by signing up below.

Windmill Engineering

Local Kubernetes Development with No Stress

Thanks to Nick Santos

Dan Bentley

Written by

CEO @ Windmill (building Live Development and a safe, inclusive team). Curious Synthesizer. He/him.

Windmill Engineering

Local Kubernetes Development with No Stress

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