his article discusses the healing and metaphysical properties of bloodstone, which is best known as a healing stone and a good-fortune drawing stone.

Bloodstone jasper is a healing, nurturing, and protective stone.

Ideal for any life or spiritual path.

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3 min readFeb 28, 2024


Bloodstone/heliotrope crystal. Image credit: Owned.
Heliotrope, aka bloodstone; Author’s own AI-generated image

Bloodstone Facts

Bloodstone, a widely appreciated crystal, is valued for its healing and protective properties. It gently encourages individuals to mend and upgrade their mental outlook. Moreover, these stones can protect from negative energy and increase creativity, motivation, and vitality in daily life.

This stone has strong nurturing qualities that help to improve interpersonal relationships. It can assist individuals in moving past misunderstandings and inspires a robust and balanced presence and mental focus in various situations, particularly for new mothers. Its positive and soothing energies make it especially beneficial for both new parents and children.