Post Fermentation Maceration Begins! Vintage 2015 Pushing for Wine Yumminess!

Cap is looking might close to going over this am! I wish my assistant winemaker wouldn’t splash whilst bathing in the wine! We’ve run a barrel of free run off for barrel fermentation with about 15% of the alcoholic fermentation to go. Normally I’d add some pressings to this, but, our press didn’t arrive on time! Instead we’ve combined Filthy Good Vino’s two bathtubs into one for post fermentation maceration. Watch the video to learn more about exactly how this adds layers of yumminess to our wine!

Post Fermentation Maceration Explained — Gotta Keep Pushing! Check out what happened from Day 11–14

Ghetto Wine Strainer Kinda Worked! Had to go to the B-Plan!

Back-up Ghetto Wine Strainer Worked … Eventually!

Running off Wine into New French Oak for Barrel Fermentation!

Next up: Racking of Barrel Ferment!

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Originally published at on April 1, 2015.

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