Fiano from New Zealand

Just after coming to New Zealand we had a chance to spend few days with our dear friend Chris, one of the persons who introduced me to the world of wine, in his homeland — Hawke’s Bay. It was not so easy to buy Hawke’s Bay’s bottles in Poland, so I didn’t know what to expect from this exciting region.

First things that brought our attention were people, views and atmosphere. There were not only vineyards but also beaches, bike roads, mountains, remarkable food and great coffee. Here are some photos which prove that:

The biggest surprise for me when it comes to wine was the diversity of styles one can find in Hawke’s Bay. There are exceptional examples of Syrah and Bordeaux blends, nice Chardonnays and very interesting Viogniers. However, the most fascinating for me was a bottle of Fiano from BushHawk Vineyard from 2014. It was only the second vintage of this wine (the plantings come from 2009) but you can honestly say that this wine is extraordinary. And to spice things up, this is the only Fiano made in New Zealand and the winemaker is famous Jenny Dobson.

The wine is light, crisp and floral with strong backbone of fruit: mandarins, limes, peaches and apricots. It has medium body, refreshing acidity and long finish. You can be sure that one glass won’t be enough!

These first few days spent in Hawke’s Bay were great introduction to New Zealand and proved that we have tons of adventures ahead of us.

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