Don Sebastiani & Sons Goes Hard on Chardonnay

Don Sebastiani & Sons, the Sonoma-based, perhaps last family-owned wine biz to boast the formidable fourth-generation winemaking namesake, introduced its 2015 Don & Sons “Watmaugh Ranch” Chardonnay.

This 100% chardonnay is a single-vineyard wine, grown from Hyde-Wente clone, and hails from the Sonoma Valley AVA. Tasting notes (courtesy of their PR) suggest a whiff of “toasted French baguette” — an odd one since smelling burnt toast is a warning sign of a stroke. The smell of French toast, however, is a sign of breakfast.

Other notes include “blanched almond and Asian pear with flavors of vanilla pie crust, flaky pastry, and hints of hazelnut.” So, theoretically, this wine could take you through brekkie and lunch with a little dessert on the side. Or this wine could just be breakfast depending on how you feel about the person you’ve woken up next to.

The wine was recently featured as “Lot #19” at the Sonoma County Barrel Auction last April. It was billed as an “All in the Family” affair, which doesn’t bring to mind a “silky mid-palate with a refreshing minerality and creamy texture” so much as “lovable bigot” Archie Bunker.

Watmaugh Ranch, owned by the Sebastiani family for over forty years is located in the cool, breezy, southernmost part of Sonoma valley bordering Carneros. It’s nestled neatly between two mountain ranges: the Mayacamas Mountains to the east, and the Sonoma Mountains to the west. As a geological phenomenon, the mountains essentially serve as a natural way of preventing Napa and Petaluma from coming over and kicking Sonoma’s ass all the time.

“Our goal is to produce wines that make everyday moments memorable,” said CEO Donny Sebastiani. Our readers, however, drink to forget, and at a suggested retail price of $49.99 that might be hard to do.

Takeaways: 2015 Don & Sons “Watmaugh Ranch” Chardonnay

Suggested pairing: Meathead.

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