The Dank Stank of Mendo Pinot: Pacific Redwood Organic Pinot

It’s dank, bro.

The 2015 Pacific Redwood (Organic) Mendocino Pinot Noir is the viticultural equivalent of licking a psychoactive toad. You’re not sure who’s violating who and then you sit around waiting for something to happen.

This wine is dank. But not in the “dank weed” sense of the word per the parlance of Mendo’s Emerald Triangle. It’s more like “dank basement” or “dank like a mausoleum on a muggy day.”

Hey, maybe it was just a crap bottle. It can happen. But damn, so much potential here, so little follow-through. Sort of like your graduating class, which could’ve been more successful if A) they just grew weed instead or B) didn’t smoke weed while trying to do anything else. I have no idea what the winemakers were doing when they produced this pinot but it’s got a crimini finish straight from the forest floor. It’s interesting at first but gets super funky by the end. You either learn to like it the same way you learned to like your hot hippie girlfriend/boyfriend’s oversized, stinking dog or you bitch about it on your blog. Clearly, I’m not a dog person.