Photo by Alex Guillaume

What the first-ever record of spiritual giftedness has to show us.

Photo by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash

Finding Connections for Elijah, John, and Jesus

Gabriel’s News: Elijah and The Coming Fire

You have influence — it makes a difference whether you know it and know how to use it.

Photo by Jennifer Burk

And Other Hilarious Measurements

Hands clasped together.
Hands clasped together.
Photo by ian dooley

What should we do with the world’s most enigmatic book?

Getting used to the world’s most enigmatic book.

How Jesus Invented the Modern World (an online chat imagined)

The Pythia, a virgin from the local village selected in ceremonies that established her as Apollo’s choice, sits atop the sacred tripod as the Delphic oracle.

How Jesus Overthrew the Ancient World (an imagined online chat)

To Jesus and His New and Better Covenant

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