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Life Leaves Scars, Yet a Beautiful Heart

a poem

Laura Stonitsch
Aug 14, 2018 · 2 min read


Things happen and leave us in despair. Other times surprises show how much we care. The poem that follows is a part of my heart. It encompasses God’s beauty from the start.

Life hasn’t been easy, but I’ve been blessed.
God, you make beautiful things out of my mess.
I’ve stuffed my emotions and then I’ve cried.
So many times I’ve asked God, Why?

He doesn’t always answer me,
But he stays and never leaves.
I’ve battled with the pain and then the fear.
Yet without him I know I would not be here.

When I look back I want to cry.
More than once I could have died.
I don’t know why some are short and others long,
But I pray daily that my life sings His song.

Holding nothing back; giving God everything.
He’s my dad, and he’s my king!
He’ll tell me, No, when it’s best.
He’ll tell me, Daughter, it’s time to rest.

He’ll tell me no matter what I do,
“Child, beloved, I’ll always love you.”
I need that reminder every day!
I know God listens when I pray.

Life has left me with many scars.
But I’m grateful God has shown me his heart.
I’ve experienced joy and I’ve experienced pain.
Life is both familiar and unknown terrain.

No matter the season, remember this line:
“I am my Beloved’s and He is mine.”
Believe what God says about you.
His promises will always ring true.

They will help you through any news!

Thanks for reading!

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