The Reality of the Spiritual

What is real? What is imagination? Can imagination be real?

Dorle Fitsch
Mar 21 · 8 min read

A Child’s Supernatural Experiences

I don’t come from a typical Christian background. My parents liked to go to church for a while, but stopped when we moved to a different place. I only decided for Christ about 10 years ago, in my early twenties.

Others saw the same things!

Although over time it seemed I lost the ability to see spiritual beings, I do remember seeing a very ugly one in my room in my teenage years. It was standing directly next to my bed and I could see its gruesome details three-dimensionally. I was so scared I thought I would die! I remember praying to God for protection, because he was the only one I felt had the power to help me. Nobody had ever told me that Christianity wasn’t about a book, the idea “that there might be God” or rules, but instead about a relationship with God. Though I knew God was real, I didn’t have a clue about what Jesus did for me. What I do know is that God protected me that night.

When confronted with the supernatural

Those “monsters” kids fear are hiding in their bedroom are more real than most parents want to admit. At the same time, the good beings, angels — and I’m sure other spiritual creatures we don’t even know of yet — are real as well. Yet children do notice at some point that grown-ups won’t believe them. The power of influence means that children tend to eventually follow the model of their parents and stop seeing in the supernatural as well.

If the spiritual realm is real, how do we step into it?

Since we are already spiritual beings, we can’t “step into” the spiritual realm. We are already there. It’s only that we need to become aware of it. The place where we see supernatural things (often without realising it), is our imagination. The imagination and its use is often underestimated. We can use it for good and bad things.

“Spiritual Intelligence is the ability to discern, perceive and judge the spiritual dimensions that are at work in and around you and manage this realm towards a positive outcome.”

I think this is very important to every Christian, no matter how prophetic you perceive yourself to be. Let’s move in this direction. In the spiritual realm there are keys to be found that can change the world into a better place.


on the Spiritual Realm

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