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The gospel of peace is Christ’s kintsukuroi, the “golden-joinery” of heaven which Christ called salt and light.

The spirit of reconciliation loosed in Geneva, Africa and the American south.


Years before the Franco-German reconciliation, a small group of God-listeners arrived at a post-WWI disarmament conference in Geneva. There, in the middle of an uncertain, war-devastated Europe, and trusting in what they had heard from the Spirit of God, they made an uncompromising public announcement:

  • In this time of distress, peoples and nations are eagerly awaiting, not more plans, but power; not machinery, but men.
  • The modern world — disillusioned, chaotic, feverish — demands a solution adequate to its disorder.
  • The international problems of today are, at bottom, personal problems.
  • Men must change if problems are to be solved.

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The gospel of the kingdom is God’s kintsukuroi.

How a small band of God-listeners changed an embittered Europe forever.


During the 1949 summer conference, Hans Böckler, head of the German Trade Unions Federation met with Georges Villiers, president of the French Employers Federation. Böckler noted that they should be enemies on two counts — he being a union leader and a German, the other an employer and French. Villiers replied that there was more: he had been condemned to death in a Nazi concentration camp. Then the Frenchman, extending his hand, added, “But all that is in the past. We must forget it and I simply want to offer you my hand.”

The non-European world today is almost completely unaware of a peculiar miracle that took place between 1945-1950. The reconciliation of the French and German peoples is one of the most extraordinary stories in the history of foreign affairs. It had nothing to do with the “affability” or “genteelness” of Caucasian people, nor any natural predisposition of the two societies. Nor was it about the necessity of partnership against Soviet ascendancy and a looming Cold War, a prospect which did not reach public consciousness until the Czech coup of 1948, and especially the 1950 outbreak of hostilities in Korea. …

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Forgiveness can be real and powerful.


Recently, quite a few people have come to me for help in dealing with things that have hurt them. Some couldn’t even tell if they had been hurt at first, because they felt confused whether something bad had actually happened, or were they trapped in some misconception? They would tell me about a situation that had been haunting them for quite a while. Some spoke about their fruitless tries to forgive, becoming angry with themselves and wondering why they just couldn’t let go.

Once I understood the situation, I would ask them something like, “Let’s forget for a moment why this could be right or wrong, and focus instead on one…

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Photo by John-Mark Smith

How justice is renewed in Christ.

a conversation between JORDAN PYLE and COLIN MACINTYRE

A bruised reed he shall not break,
Nor smoking flax extinguish,
Till he has led judgment to victory.

(Mat. 12:20)

COLIN: Let’s do it. How do you see Justice?

JORDAN: The prevailing concept of Justice in the world today is repaying pain for pain. People often talk about the “Justice of God” in the hopes that God will somehow hurt the people who hurt them.

When Jesus showed up, the Jewish religious leaders had a very strong sense of this kind of justice. …

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How atmospheres are formed and fed.


There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.
— First John 4:18

My wife and I spent Thanksgiving in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado this year. We all have environments that recharge our batteries and heap spiritual Miracle Grow on our souls. The mountains and the trees do that for me, especially the Rockies and the Aspens. On Thanksgiving Day, I embarked on a solo hike just north of the Black Canyon Creek. I wanted to get some time alone in the mountains with God.

While I spent time praying on my ascent, He did not begin speaking until I reached the harder trail. Once on the more difficult path, I only encountered one other person during that two-hour portion of the hike. It wasn’t until I was alone with Him that He opened up to me. …


Cheers. To Jesus and his 100 Proof New and Better Covenant.

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