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Jesus’ ode to tragedy.

by Colin MacIntyre

Five centuries before Christ, a trilogy of Greek plays called The Oresteia dramatized the slippery slope of retribution and revenge. In the first, a rhetorical question is posed on the hopelessness of redemption, for

Once the black and mortal blood of man,
Has at his feet been spilled,
What spell or chant can call it back?
So Zeus hath willed.

Here is one answer to such tragedy:


(a slam poem)

Blue blood,

Blood kin,

Mixed blood,

Bad blood,

Blood up,

Young blood,

Blood feud,

First blood,

In cold blood,

Blood trail,

Blood money,

Blood lust,

Rinse. Repeat.

But Jesus, in his…

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Photo by Ina Soulis on Unsplash

a poem


Things happen and leave us in despair. Other times surprises show how much we care. The poem that follows is a part of my heart. It encompasses God’s beauty from the start.

Life hasn’t been easy, but I’ve been blessed.
God, you make beautiful things out of my mess.
I’ve stuffed my emotions and then I’ve cried.
So many times I’ve asked God, Why?

He doesn’t always answer me,
But he stays and never leaves.
I’ve battled with the pain and then the fear.
Yet without him I know I would not be here.

When I look back I want to cry.
More than once I could have died.
I don’t know why some are short and others long,
But I pray daily that my life sings His song.

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a poem


In June of 2012, after a two-year whirlwind of miraculous experiences and mission trips, I was sitting at my desk, having returned to work in Asia. I realized at that moment that I had been changed — fully persuaded that supernatural anointing and Holy Spirit power was not only possible, but normal for every believer. It was as if a person ignobly enamored with gravity had one day witnessed a jet taking off. A fleet of jets! The following words came to mind.

The stiff men unchained, the rebels forgiven,
Spirits once dead granted Holy Ghost living,
As we surrender below, we are writ large above,
Our once empty hands filled with unconditional love. …

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a poem


This was written when God was speaking to me about being a child, a daughter, and all about my identity.

A girl is dancing, joyful and free,
Alive in the knowledge of her identity.
Her Father loves her, saying, Dance with me?
Delighted she replies, Anything for thee!

As she dances, she praises and sings,
Her feet move to His melody.
Her eyes open, she finally sees
The world from her Father’s view.
She sees herself loved , and renewed.

She says, Father I want to always see,
From heaven’s perspective, will you do that for me?
The Father says, Child thank you for asking me. …

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Art credit: Mary Hasz

a poem


What does it mean to rest and receive?

Aren’t we supposed to work, being diligent with our time, money and resources? When you work from a place of rest, it is more enjoyable and life giving. As you read, picture yourself in the painting — resting and receiving.

What does it mean to be still with you?
Surrounded by creation, peaceful renewed.
The stress of the world no longer carried.
No need to worry, no need to tarry.

The wind is calm, a gentle breeze.
You sit with the Lord under his tree. …


Cheers. To Jesus and that 100 Proof New and Better Covenant.

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