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What should we do with the world’s most enigmatic book?

As a teacher or translator, to place oneself in the position of a biblical author is one of the most difficult tasks there is. At the same time, is it not one of the most ennobling and exhilarating? For the interpreter’s goal, in advance of considerations of life application, is to take the viewpoint of the ancient, to seek to enter into his very soul, until he, as it were, lives his life and thinks his thoughts.

In this way, one avoids the common mistake of shanghaiing the text to the present day, and making it speak the language of the 21st century. If not, one risks the voice one hears being, however melodious, merely the echo of one’s own ideas. No wonder James, in his letter, warns, “Not many of you should become teachers, brothers, as you know that we shall receive a greater judgment.” …


Cheers. To Jesus and his 100 Proof New and Better Covenant.

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