The Black Hole in Our Gospel

Christian angst in a kingdom full of grace.

Colin MacIntyre
Mar 2 · 9 min read

There is a black hole in your gospel. It stands against every intention you have to progress in the Christian life. It is this thing about ever needing but never having. Ever asking but never getting. Always thirsting but never filled. Always wretched, never righteous. Ever infirm but never well. It longs for the “one day,” but the one day never comes. It fears defeat, yet never rests in my victory.

The Question of Sin

Now the Lord is the judge, and wherever the Spirit is there is conviction of unworthiness. And we all, with downcast faces, beholding our sins and weaknesses as in a mirror, will be transformed from glory to glory (in the afterlife).

the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit is there is freedom. But all of us with face unveiled, mirroring the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into the same image, from glory to glory, as by the Lord’s Spirit. (2Co. 3:19)

Dying does not mean denying.

If we say we have no sin we lead ourselves astray and the truth is not in us.

Every “Yes” Aligns You with Heaven

New Covenant Repentance

I am a man in torment — who will deliver me from the body of this death? — Paul

Even as Jesus is, so are we in this world.

100% New Covenant writing. Non-toxic. Undiluted.

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100% New Covenant writing. Non-toxic. Undiluted.