The True Golden Chain

How the events in Jesus’ life (and death) conspired to save creation.

Colin MacIntyre
Feb 12, 2019 · 3 min read


The Bible from Genesis 1 is included, informed by it. Christ’s whole life led up to it. Like a Jesus of Nazareth’s A Series of Fortunate Events, the 1st-century New Testament narrative moves steadily toward an outcome even angels did not expect. According to this timetable, when Jesus said, “It is finished!” the cross was by no means the end.

It was a means to an end.

He left heaven so he could be born of a virgin as
Son of man.

He was born of Mary so he could grow up in Nazareth;
A craftsman.

He grew up in Nazareth so he could train followers in Galilee;
A rabbi.

He trained in Galilee so he could go to Judea;

He went to Judea so he could enter Jerusalem;
Son of David.

He entered Jerusalem so he could get to the temple;
The prophet.

He got to the temple so he could get on the cross;
A criminal.

He got on the cross so he could get in the tomb;
A dead man.

He got in the tomb so he could go down to Sheol;
The harrower.

He went down to Sheol so he could rise again
a living man.

He rose from the dead so he could go up to heaven;
The victor.

He went up to heaven so he could sprinkle his blood;
The priest.

He put his blood in the temple and then sat on his throne;
The king.

He sat on the throne so he could pour out his Spirit;
The anointer.

He poured himself into mankind so that every enemy would be under his feet;
Head of the conquering church.

He will put every enemy under his feet until he has reached all of Creation;
The liberator.

He will reach all of Creation, and then deliver the kingdom to his Father;
the Son of God.

This is the Golden Chain.

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