Tee off with Drummond Golf, Canberra’s golfing retailer now delivering with Wing

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Nov 5 · 2 min read

With a dozen well-regarded golf courses across Canberra, there’s a strong local appetite for the tools of the trade — particularly golf balls, tees, and gloves.

“The golf scene is quite strong in Canberra,” says Rodney Laugher, Managing Partner of Drummond Golf in Fyshwick.

“When you’re packing the car at 7:30am for an 8am tee time, and you don’t have enough balls or a glove, you’re stuck with limited options. With Wing, you can get onto the app and within 10 minutes have them delivered to your home, at our same everyday low prices.”

“In fact, I initially contacted Wing after hearing positive stories about the convenience of it from Royalla residents.”

With Drummond Fyshwick, Wing delivers a range of items, including balls, gloves, divot tools, towels, and range-finders. If you’re heading to your golfing buddy’s party and forgot a present, you can even have Wing bring you a Drummond gift card.

Among its customers, the Fyshwick location receives several visitors who really know how to hit: “A lot of elite athletes enjoy golf as something different while keeping them both physically and mentally active,” says Rodney.

Canberra golfers also openly embrace the latest in golf technology: “GPS and Laser units are extremely popular. There are now GPS sensors within some clubs to measure specific distances and statistics.”

While running a busy shop, it isn’t always easy to get himself out on the links. “With a young family and business it can be challenging but I still absolutely love the game and the people it connects me with. I try to play every fortnight, currently playing with a handicap of 3.”

For those who don’t play golf, that’s quite good! As is Wing’s partnership with Drummond Golf in Canberra. For more information on Drummond Golf visit drummondgolf.com.au.

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