Wing joins Switzerland’s U-Space Implementation efforts to advance federated drone air traffic management solutions

Wing believes that a ‘federated’ approach to the traffic management of drones — where multiple industry providers work together with government to ensure drones are safely integrated into the airspace — will ultimately be a more effective solution than any effort undertaken by government or industry alone. Drones are being used for an increasingly diverse range of purposes — from transporting goods, to surveying farmland, and aiding emergency service workers. An open marketplace of industry-provided drone services with government oversight will enable countries to manage the increasing diversity of drone operations more effectively, and at a low cost.

Last week, Switzerland’s Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) announced its vision for federated airspace, U-Space, which was inspired by the Unmanned Traffic Management framework created by United States Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). Through its U-Space Implementation Program, FOCA is building a coalition of leading drone manufacturers, technology and service providers, and air traffic control to enable drones to safely operate together with manned aircraft.

Wing has joined this effort as an Unmanned Aircraft System Service Provider (USP), to support the program’s goal of providing fair and easy access to airspace for all. We’re looking forward to participating and showing how government and industry collaboration can accelerate drone operations in the Swiss airspace.

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