Wing selected to participate in the FAA’s UAS Traffic Management Pilot Program as part of the Virginia Tech MAAP application

The FAA today revealed that Wing has been selected to participate in its Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Traffic Management Pilot Program (UPP). UAS Traffic Management (UTM) is a framework for managing multiple, simultaneous drone operations safely, on a large scale. The UPP brings together leading industry UAS Service Suppliers (USSs), to demonstrate drone traffic management solutions to accelerate deployment in US skies.

Drones are being used for an increasing range of useful services — surveying land, inspecting infrastructure and delivering goods — and their popularity continues to grow. The UTM ecosystem can help safely support these uses and others we have yet to imagine.

As part of the UPP, Wing is collaborating with Virginia Tech Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership (MAAP) — also its partner on the FAA’s ongoing Integration Pilot Program(IPP) — and other industry partners including AirMap, AiRXOS, ANRA Technologies, ASEC and senseFly. Through the UPP, Wing intends to demonstrate industry-led and federated UTM is capable of supporting a broad range of advanced drone operations. These include flights beyond visual line of sight, single operator control of multiple aircraft simultaneously, and flights in controlled airspace adjacent to airports that require regulatory authorization to fly. We’ll also demonstrate that our UTM platform is interoperable because it can support all drone operations no matter which UAS Service Supplier (USS) platform a drone operator uses — enabling an ecosystem of USS providers to continue to innovate to address the needs of all drone users.

Strong cooperation between the private and public sectors is essential to enabling the safe and scalable operation of drones in our skies, and to helping regulators improve compliance with aviation rules in a cost-effective manner. We are pleased to have the opportunity to participate in the UPP to show that UTM is ready to support a broad range of safe drone operations on a large scale.

Visualization of Wing’s UTM platform deconflicting the flight paths of multiple drones, one of the many functionalities that Wing will demonstrate as part of the UPP