Wing to Introduce Air Delivery in Queensland

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Jul 30, 2019 · 2 min read

Wing will soon be flying in Queensland skies — delivering a range of items such as fresh bread, hot coffee and food items directly to homes in minutes. We’ll be starting our service in Logan, one of Australia’s fastest growing communities and home to the eighth largest population in Australia.

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Why Logan? One of the things we’ve learned from our first several thousand deliveries in Australia is that families with young children seem to particularly enjoy our service. They tell us the convenience and ease of air delivery saves them having to bundle the kids up in the car to drive to the shops. Logan has a booming population of young families, and we’re excited to see if they find drone delivery as beneficial as other Australian parents. Logan is also one of Australia’s fastest growing areas, we also believe our air delivery service can help reduce the traffic congestion and air pollution that often accompany such growth.

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Queensland is also a natural choice for our next service because the State is at the forefront of drone technology leadership. The Government recently released the , and the State hosts the annual World of Drones Congress, which brings together industry and academic thought leaders from around the world.

Wing will be teaming up with a range of businesses in Logan to begin delivering to a small group of homes in the suburbs of Crestmead and Marsden. We expect to expand our service to more customers in the coming months, after we’ve had the chance to meet more of the Logan community and hear what they would like to see from an air delivery service.

To sign up to be one of our first customers in Logan or to stay updated on the latest delivery areas visit: . If you have questions about the service, feel free to email us at .

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