Your friends in coffee: Canberra’s Kickstart Expresso, delivering hot coffee by air, in minutes

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Oct 4, 2019 · 2 min read

Inspiration strikes at the strangest times. Liat Davis was driving her four boys, all under the age of five, across Canberra, and she was past ready for her first cup of coffee.

What she really needed was a drive-through serving quality coffee without making her — or her rambunctious boys — find parking.

She and husband Paul knew they weren’t alone. And so Kickstart Expresso was founded with convenience first and foremost in mind.

Paul explains: “Our whole philosophy is quality coffee and food in a convenient environment. We’re a drive through coffee business. A person comes right out and serves you at your car. Our location resembles shearing sheds from the outback. Our menu is drawn from the homesteads of outback Australia.”

Kickstart’s signature dish, the ‘Humble Toastie’, combines smoked ham, cheese, and a relish handed down through generations of their family in Rural New South Wales. The ‘Not So Humble Toastie’ piles on the extras, including slow roasted tomatoes, BBQ onions, and turkish bread.

They have two locations, featuring a unique service model: Unlike fast food drive-throughs, Kickstart staff come to your window to take your order.

“There is no excuse for poor service,” says Paul. “And Wing fits right in with our philosophy: it’s good service, and it’s convenient.”

“Coffee is delivered by drone, to the same premium standard as if you were sitting in your car in one of our drive throughs, with the same cups and any extras already added ready for you to enjoy, and delivered to you by air in minutes!”

For more information on Kickstart Expresso visit:

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