By the way… We’re Wing now!

If you’ve been reading so far- you’ve got to know us as Pippy — however, as of today we’re changing our name to Wing Technologies Inc. We like this name a lot better, because it feels a little more synonymous with what we do as a company. For some users, we help them wing it. While for others, we provide a managed Point A to B solution for anything. much like a plane wing helps achieve. Granted, it’s a little bit of a stretch.

This is totally unrelated to engineering, I guess, short of the massive amounts of work we’re going to have to do to change everything.

Take a look at our new logos for User and Fulfiller apps, respectively. The core shape was designed to look like two checkmarks intersecting at a single point, us — forming a very solid, dependable W shape that when viewed a from a different angle looks a little like a pair of wings.

Kudos to Wing’s Jackson Wickman for slaving away on several hundred variations of logos to arrive at this. Here are just some variations:

Update: We tweaked the color slightly — here’s our actual new logo:

Here’s the normal logotype

And here is the badge logotype.

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