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Wing DAO Weekly Recap

1st — 7th May


Wing & Flamingo Joint Event is on fire🔥, APR around 38%. Total reward of $240,600 WING+ FLM is waiting for you! 😍

Wing & BabySwap Liquidity Mining Event is in full swing, APR is up to 28%. Great rewards, easy to operate, welcome to participate! 🥰🥰

The Wing Polkapets NFT holders airdrop is ongoing. The comprehensive APR is as high as 88%! From April, the activity was upgraded. More choices! Lower threshold and higher APY — don’t miss it! 💸💸

pWING liquidity mining (Ethereum) is heating up! Provide pWING-pONT or pWING-ETH trading pair liquidity on SushiSwap🍣 and deposit SLP in Farm to mine pWING rewards. APR is up to 39% — hurry up! 🙌🏻


WIP-58 Optimizing the Competitive Distribution Model for Flash Pools has passed.


Wing Finance May Community Call has been successfully concluded! We also invited Flamingo guests to co-host the AMA event, and gave away some prizes!👉 Award list! Actively participating in Community Call can get Wing Loyal NFT, and 5 NFT can get WING rewards! 💸

The monthly buyback auction in April has now ended, and a total of 4,053.658018008 WING were burned this time.

Please watch out for more exciting activities.

Thank you for supporting Wing!❤️❤️ For more events, stay tuned! 🙈🙈🌟🌟

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Wing Finance

Wing Finance

Wing built a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform to support cross-chain collaborative interaction between various DeFi products.