Friday Music: 14 Motivational Songs to Listen to to Rock your Friday!

@ Alice Moore

Our Friday Music Playlist is Live, kids!

What a week we just lived! The new WINGiT app version is almost ready — with a new super cool feature — and we are pumping the volume up today!

Friday morning: Time to ask what music or which song motivates the team today! And let us tell you… the result is, well, surprising and eclectic:

A$AP RockyB.Y.O.B.” for our Senior Mobile Developper Charley. “It’s a Long Long Way to the Top”, AC/DC for Cyril, our Senior Architect & Developper, or the, well, stunning “Putain ! Putain ! Putain !” by Andréas and Nicolas chosen by Axel, also Senior Mobile Developper, or Soundgarden by Elsa, our CMO…

And yeah, let’s not talk about Infected Mushroom… we’re sorry for this one. It’s all about Cyril’s fault.

Turn the music up!

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