A new Winio. The story behind our new look

We’ve got an exciting announcement today — Winio has a new look.

Recently we started the process of redesign our product. We knew this was a risky decision, but we embraced this journey with a clear goal in mind, the new Winio should establish the foundation of everything we stand for. Winio lives beyond the product, it’s a product of our mission, so should reflect our values, our culture and ultimately the promise we made our customers every day, create a peaceful place to work together, noise-free.

After all isn’t an easy task, but we state our position. Not everyone will agree with us, but we will embrace our failures, acknowledge our errors and grow from it, in fact, this is our definition of collaboration, admit our weaknesses, ask for help and get things done together.

We strive for simplicity, to enable all teams to work together effortlessly, with time and space for contemplation and thoughtful decisions. We believe that is the best choice to make people more productive and less stressed, leading to a culture of transparency, honesty, and authenticity in the workplace.

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Winio personality

We want the new Winio to look colourful, bright, and playful because focus on work and find solutions together doesn’t mean boring. We acknowledge the true teamwork could be messy, complex and hard to manage so, the tool you choose to leverage your team’s skills should be simple, beautiful and straightforward with virtually no learning curve to preserve the progress and momentum of people working and have fun together.

Know when it’s time to launch

Having launched Winio and seeing user base growth, we felt the brand needed to evolve to better reflect our identity and more importantly reflect what we’ve learned from seeing our product used by real customers.

When we embraced the challenge of update our product and message, our ambition was to create a consistent experience across every Winio aspect. But the steps back are inevitable, you’ll keep striving for perfection, and sometimes it’s difficult to accept that small details would not be as we imagined in the very beginning. But it’s nice, we understand that designing a product and encapsulate our branding, message, and values into a 13'’ screen where we hope people find time to collaborate, share ideas and celebrate achievements together is a journey that will last until the company lasts. The launching date is just a date for celebrating together the achievements we accomplish and to remind ourselves that we need to keep talking to our users, observe their frustrations and empower their triumphs to deliver every day the very best of us.

Looking back

The last few months have been an exciting ride for our team, seeing everyone working tirelessly to organize our ideas and making them come to life makes everyone proud, committed and more aware of we what are building — unleash the potential of every team.

We know this isn’t a finished job, we still have a lot to do, we need to listen to your feedback to assure that every feature we get out of the door is, in fact, contributing for a better experience for you and your team. Over the coming months, you’ll see more updates and features in Winio to make your team more productive.

For everyone who trusts us to empower the collaborative work in your team — thank you.

And, for those of you that haven’t given Winio a try — we’d love to share this journey with you.

All the best,

-The Winio Team

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