Don’t ask your Influencers to repost a creative. Here’s why.

You cannot treat content for your influencer campaigns the same way you treat your performance campaigns. It has to be different. Read on to find out.

Thakur Rahul Singh
Mar 18 · 3 min read
Ads everywhere!

I am sure, you as a savvy marketeer are aware of the math behind a performance campaign. 1000 people see your creative > 50 click on it > 5 people convert. To improve the performance of this campaign, you can pull a few levers to optimize the ads. Improve the creative, have a strong CTA, create better target audiences, run it at the right time and so on.

And it’s great, apart from the times when Facebook decides to inflate the numbers! You clearly get to see how much you are spending and what you get in return for that spend.

Performance campaigns work on the premise of broadcasting a creative or a video to an audience. Often, there are variations of a creative for different audiences.

But, can you do the same for influencer marketing?

I am afraid, not. You cannot ask an influencer to repost a creative or a brand video on their social media. It’s simply not going to work. The influencers who know what they are doing might even reject this campaign, no matter how much you pay them.

An example of such a campaign

Here’s why -

Influencer marketing works on the premise that when a voice with some expertise in a given domain tells a story involving your brand, it builds trust and consequently, traction for your brand.

The important pillars of influencer marketing are -

  1. The voice: an influencer who has a level of expertise in a given niche/domain.
  2. Story: something non-salesy, actually informative and interesting enough to earn the audience’s attention.

The moment anything looks salesy, the audience tunes out and moves on. No one likes being sold to. Can you recollect the last time you happily listened to and engaged with a tele-marketeer offering you another credit card? I guess not. But I am pretty sure you must have watched a review of the brand new smartphone just launched by a Youtuber. You see, that’s the difference!

Very similarly, a creative is salesy. It’s not a story. It tunes out people and more so when it comes from an influencer. Using creatives in influencer marketing can do more harm than good.

Winkl on Influencer Marketing

Insights on influencer marketing for savvy marketers

Thakur Rahul Singh

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Winkl on Influencer Marketing

Insights on influencer marketing for savvy marketers

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