How influencer marketing got us 2 million impressions for free and how you can too!

Thakur Rahul Singh
Mar 18 · 4 min read

A deep dive into how we hacked the influencer psyche to get 2 million impressions for free!

As a platform that helps other businesses grow with influencer marketing, we ourselves leverage influencers to drive growth for us. Be it signups on the app or growing our Instagram followers.

In this post, I’ll take you through what we exactly did to achieve this and how you can leverage these insights for your own influencer campaigns.

Before we begin, it’s very important to understand an influencer’s psyche.

What do influencers really want?

There are a few things that are common when it comes to influencers and creators.

  1. They want to publish new and refreshing content for their audiences. It’s about churning out new content on a day to day basis. They don’t want to tire their audience with the same type of content.
  2. They want to present themselves in a raw form vs posting polished and edited content.
  3. They want to come across as fun and goofy. Someone the audience can relate to.

All of the above comes down to content.

So the question for us was, what can we do to solve this?

Can we in any way give influencers what they are looking for? After some brainstorming and inspiration hunting, we came up with the idea of encouraging influencers to share the influencer side of the story to their audience in a fun and goofy way.

How does an influencer feel like when they receive a collaboration they’ve always wanted?

How does an influencer feel when Instagram crashes?

And a few more such situations.

We then coupled this with the feature on Instagram stories where you could take many pictures and add them to your story. This added the goofy element to the campaign.

Here’s what we did.

We created an Instagram story template with these situations, which we called “The Selfie Challenge”. The influencers had to post a selfie of theirs which represents their reaction for each of the mentioned situations.

We rolled this out to our mailing list and posted it on our Instagram as well.

And the results were stunning!

Within 24 hours, we had more than 150 influencers share this template with their selfie reactions, FOR FREE!

Below is how our DM’s looked just a few hours after rolling out the campaign. Influencers across niches were posting this on their Instagram story and mentioning us.

Below is an example –

On average, influencers sharing this had 12k — 15k followers which drove close to 2 million impressions, free of cost. If we had to spend to achieve these results, it would have cost us about $10,000 or ₹7,00,000.

Learnings and Insights

Make it interesting. What kind of content can be created around your brand by an influencer that is interesting to their audience, instead of a regular unboxing video or a giveaway? For example, when we worked with Flipkart on a campaign (#HerculesTakesYouPlaces) for Hercules cycles, we got the influencers to explore hidden spots in their neighborhood on a Hercules Cycle. This was something new for influencers to post about.

What are the unique aspects of your brand that you can highlight to the influencer so that they feel excited about creating content for you? This should be something that is new, fresh and interesting!

Give it a twist. Look at all the influencer campaigns out there and don’t do what they are doing. That should suffice!

Once you have clear answers to these, it becomes much easier for you to run a successful influencer campaign!

Winkl on Influencer Marketing

Insights on influencer marketing for savvy marketers

Thakur Rahul Singh

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Co-Founder at Winkl. Building the world's largest community of bloggers, influencers, creators and helping brands run memorable influencer marketing campaigns!

Winkl on Influencer Marketing

Insights on influencer marketing for savvy marketers

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