Why the New Lays Campaign #SmileDekeDekho’ is Killin’ it

The initial idea began to spread a simple yet powerful message of a ‘Smile’

Thakur Rahul Singh
Mar 18 · 3 min read

The main objective of this campaign was to benefit an international medical charity called — Operation Smile.

This trend caught on in India, but with a twist. The initial branding was done with the celebrity couple — Alia Bhatt & Ranbir Kapoor featuring in it. Also, this was released on the occasion of World Smile Day.

Dilen Gandhi, Senior Director of marketing — foods category, PepsiCo India, said, “LAY’S Smile Deke Dekho is based on a simple premise that just like a smile, a pack of LAY’S can build connections between people. And when you combine a smile and LAY’S the results are magical. These stories are just the latest chapter in the brand’s two-decade history of building connections. And judging by the response we are getting on social media, one of our best yet.”

Lays took it to another level by involving influencers to spread this campaign at a large scale.

How did they manage to pull it off?

1. The main objective of the campaign was to introduce new flavors of potato chips into the market.

2. They hired 2 major PR agencies in India to find relevant influencers for this campaign.

3. The PR agencies sent across lays packets with customized smiles to some of the influencers and celebs like Kusha Kapila, Shikhar Dhawan, Parth Samthaan and also other micro-influencers.

4. Other nano and micro-influencers received a generic packet which would perfectly fit their face, along with other edibles by lays.

5. These influencers were then asked to pose with the packet, in front of a singular background, with hashtags such as #SmileDekeDekho and #SmilewithLAYS.

Why do we think did the campaign did so well?

1. Alright firstly, let’s not forget how cool the brand team of Pepsi co is that they ace every campaign they plan out. So if you can hear us, kudos to you guys!

2. Secondly, the face cut-outs in every packet was so smartly designed, that it could be used by anyone. This made it easier for anybody to participate in the trend and post pictures of them using the packet.

3. Also, it was backed by a very emotional theme of “sharing a smile” with someone.

According to us, these are the top 3 reasons that contributed to the success of this campaign.

Kunel Gour, founder creative director at Animal, an independent creative agency working out of New Delhi, shares the same opinion — that the campaign and its execution is fairly simple, so it will connect with people. “People are sharing it, so its already there in terms of virality but it’s hard to identify the influencer on the package, but I don’t think that was their task anyway.

They just wanted to leverage in terms of promotion of the campaign. People like Kusha Kapila and the influencers they’re working with are pretty well known, so to get them to give the brand a shout out, they must have designed the packaging to collaborate with them,” he mentions.

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Winkl on Influencer Marketing

Insights on influencer marketing for savvy marketers

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