Hi, I’m Winnie Tsay! UCLA MSBA 📍San Francisco, CA 🇹🇼🇺🇸 | LinkedIn : linkedin.com/in/yu-wen-winnie-tsay | 完整文章目錄 : https://bit.ly/3wo6wH9 | Email : winnietsay@g.ucla.edu

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Winnie Tsay X 維尼蔡 | 加州生活

Winnie Tsay X 維尼蔡 | 加州生活

📍San Francisco,CA | 👩‍🎓UCLA MSBA '2021 | Linkedin:linkedin.com/in/yu-wen-winnie-tsay | 完整文章目錄: https://bit.ly/3wo6wH9 | Email : winnietsay@g.ucla.edu

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