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A Freelancer’s Top Five Priorities

s a one-person operation, I can only do so many things to grow my business. So I need to choose wisely. But sometimes I’m paralyzed by the sheer number of options. How do I know which choices are best for me?”

I coach other freelancers, and that’s how I’d summarize one of the top struggles they report.

As an independent consultant myself for over 20 years, I’ve lived the struggle. It’s like standing before one of those endless Vegas buffets; how can you choose when you can’t even wrap your head around all the options?



With a focus on earnings, control & balance, Winning Solo is for independent consultants, creatives & freelancers who take the long view. This is not the place to “hack” your way to 3x growth by Tuesday, but it is the place to design a life that works for you.

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