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The 24 Most Important Things I’ve Learned in 24 Years as a Solopreneur

On June 16, 1997, at age 27, I placed a bet on myself, eliminated my steady paycheck, and hung out my shingle as a positioning and strategy consultant.

My employment record at that time included nearly five years as a marketer manager at Van Melle, where I launched products like White Mystery Airheads and the Airheads 6-bar pack. It was an…




With a focus on earnings, control & balance, Winning Solo is for independent consultants, creatives & freelancers who take the long view. This is not the place to “hack” your way to 3x growth by Tuesday, but it is the place to design a life that works for you.

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Matthew Fenton

Matthew Fenton

I write about brand strategy & freelancing. Ex-CMO. Music junkie. For brand leaders: For freelancers:

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