Winning the Race
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Winning the Race

Image from: SB Nation’s Nuff Said YouTube Channel

Tears on the gridiron: Thoughts on football and fragility.

I’ve got love for football. Love for the Denver Broncos. No love for me?

I’m taking a stand. I’m sitting out. I’m taking a knee.

Yes, my son really does cheer on the boys. He’s been a fan since birth. ;)

But are we coming a part at those seams?

And Patriotism!

Field-length flags. Chilling renditions of the National Anthem. (See: Whitney; Beyoncé.) Gridiron tackles for Turkey Day. Salutes to freedom. Even the US Department of Defense gets in on the fun for the meager price of millions of taxpayer funds.

You damn right.

In America, the humanity of the black body is still solely defined by the black body’s utility to society. Nothing more.

For me, Kaepernick’s employment struggles are the symbolic icing on the cake. And I think it’s safe to say that Kaepernick, who’s largely evaded the eyes and ears of the media, appreciates the support but wants the focus on the above issue.

To you, it’s just pig skin. To me, it’s pork. I just don’t need it.

If the only choices for me are to get in line or to get out, I’m out.



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Joshua E McCoy I

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