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Introducing Winter Bears Art Club

elcome to Art Club, an exclusive membership for Winter Bears that rewards owners with free NFT drops where all revenue goes straight back to artists and the community!

🎁 Free drops! Artist exclusives, collabs with NFT leaders, and future Winter Bear collections.

🚀 Attractive rewards for everyone and extra incentives for members who play an active role

📢 Invaluable marketing force for artists and NFT communities

With limited edition NFT airdrops and raffles, it pays to get involved in Art Club! Anyone can get started with at least one Winter Bear in their wallet, without any need for staking or costly transactions.

One hundred percent of royalties gathered on the platform’s drops are shared between artists and a community treasury. These funds will initially be used to purchase Winter Bears off the open market for even more giveaways, promoting long-lasting Winter Bears growth. As Art Club decentralizes over time the community will have complete control over how these funds are distributed to members.

Art Club unlocks the power of the Winter Bears community as a marketing super force, an invaluable resource for emerging artists to break through the noise organically. Each Winter Bear provides one raffle ticket, but members can earn a bonus ticket for completing simple but powerful Twitter tasks and content creation.

Behind the scenes we have coordinated with sensational artists and NFT communities who will soon be dropping exclusive collections with Art Club. We will also be incentivizing the community to onboard additional artists with attractive rewards. Here’s to the Scout Super Bears!

Alongside artists the organization platforms, ALL future Winter Bears collections will be dropped through Art Club with the community playing a leading role in the creative process and sharing in the rewards.

Art Club V1 is launching with gas-free Snapshot voting Q1 2022, with a full feature platform built on a scalable Ethereum L2 dropping afterwards. We believe this powerful L2 will soon be supported by OpenSea and Coinbase NFT, and Art Club will be perfectly positioned at the bleeding edge of NFT infrastructure.

How it works:

  1. Artists and NFT communities submit their drop
  2. Members use their Winter Bears to vote gas-free using Snapshot
  3. Winning artists’ exclusive NFT series is raffled to voting Art Club members
  4. Extra rewards for scouting and promoting the artist with simple growth tasks.
  5. 100% of Art Club royalties shared with artists and community treasury
  6. Treasury buys Winter Bears and other high-value NFTs to raffle back

Art Club is an exclusive membership for Winter Bears owners. To maximize our community’s openness, size, and marketing power the core team will be funding a weekly chance to join Art Club. Those who perform Twitter tasks that help the organization and its artists grow will be entered into a weekly Winter Bear raffle, meaning the community can continue to scale with an army of engaged and active marketers.


We are firm believers in the power of tokenized decentralized organizations. With a community of 4,600 members motivated with clear incentives, Art Club will become a powerful organic marketing force as we collect and grow together.

We’re excited to be bringing the decentralized Art Club to life at the cutting edge of DeFi and NFTs, and will support the organization as it grows to become a full DAO. Over time it’s our aim that Art Club becomes an NFT marketing juggernaut, emerging as a central hub of the metaverse with gallery events, artist exhibitions, and much more.

Thank you to each and every one of you for making Winter Bears the wonderful community it is today. We couldn’t have done any of this without your support and we’re excited to be on this journey together.

We will be launching a brand new website Q1, with the full Ethereum Layer 2 platform scheduled to be ready later in 2022.

Over the coming days and weeks we will begin teasing the Club’s first drops, so don’t go anywhere!

Stay tuned for details on the Summer Bears drop, including their special utility within the Art Club.

Get started today in Discord and attend the upcoming Town Hall on Friday to learn more.



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