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Wire Release Notes

Wire for web, 15–06–2020


  • Show CBR setting (only for Chrome browsers) in Preferences > Options > Call.


  • When screen sharing one can now choose between sharing an application window or the complete screen.
  • Users can now join a call with multiple devices.
  • Show loading spinner during SSO Login.
  • Decreased the threshold for when to show poor call quality banner.
  • Screensharing sessions can now be stopped from Chrome directly (in addition to stopping it from Call UI).


  • An issue where canceling a file upload would prevent showing new incoming messages.
  • Some images were shown with gray image placeholders.
  • An issue where poor call quality banners were shown when a call already ended.
  • Wrong device model names could be shown.

For self-hosting users:

  • Option to turn off account creation in guest rooms.
  • Option to define the layout of “Terms of Use” and “Privacy policy” on account registration.
  • Option to configure custom privacy policies.



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Wire Release Notes

Wire Release Notes

Release notes from Wire, a secure, open source collaboration platform.