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Feeder, Manchester Academy, 10/03/18

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20+ years in and Welsh rock band Feeder are still going strong as ever. Having released their third greatest hits album ‘The Best of Feeder’/11th studio album ‘Arrow’ in late 2017, frontman Grant Nicholas and bassist Taka Hirose are celebrating the history of Feeder with a 12-date tour including stops in the U.K., Ireland, Belgium, France and the Netherlands throughout March.

Feeder’s sold out date at Manchester Academy saw Liverpool-based band Wide Eyed Boy open the show. Wide Eyed Boy played a rousing, high energy set which perfectly set the tone for what was to come later in the night. Frontman Oliver Nagy’s flamboyant energy got the crowd moving in record time. It’s easy to see why Feeder chose this band to open for them. Also, they performed a fantastic cover of David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’, which is always great!

Finally, it was time for the main event. When Feeder took the stage, the room practically exploded. Their stage entrance was illuminated by a backdrop showcasing photos of the band throughout their career, as well as accompanying album artwork from all of their back catalogue. Opening with one of their most popular songs in ‘Feeling A Moment’, the 2600 venue was absolutely deafening. Every word was being sung back to the band, much to the visible delight of Grant Nicholas. The band’s entire set was incredible, a two hour journey through the literal best of Feeder, including rare performances of songs such as ‘Piece By Piece’ and ‘Stereo World’. Songs like ‘High’, ‘Just the Way I’m Feeling’, ‘Buck Rogers’ and ‘Just A Day’ all made appearances, which had the capacity audience buzzing. Nicholas took occasional breaks to tell the audience how special the night was to him and the band, which was incredibly touching and brought a genuine, sentimental atmosphere to the show — which was amplified when Nicholas stopped the show again to have the crowd sing happy birthday to Feeder’s touring guitarist Tom Gleeson. As the show came to a close, Feeder soaked in a well-deserved standing ovation before taking a bow and waving goodbye.

For a band that’s been through such difficult times throughout their long career, you have to feel good for Grant and Taka being able to continue doing what they love; and with incredibly great and personal performances like this, it’s easy to see why Feeder are so well-loved. If you can catch a show on their current tour, do it!




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