Simply The Fest — upcoming one-night-only Salford festival

The Old Pint Pot in Salford, adjacent to the River Irwell, is preparing for it’s huge night of fun coming this Thursday, 2nd March. Expect live music, glow sticks, dancing, shots, prizes and pancakes — yes pancakes — in this crazy one-night festival ‘Simply The Fest’.

And wait, there’s more, a competition will be held for the best dressed in this gender-reversed themed night! That’s right, lads get your sisters’ dresses and ladies borrow your boyfriend’s ties because you could be in with a chance of winning some brill prizes this Thursday! All to be revealed later in the night, so stick around for the announcement of winners.

Live music will be provided by bands The Good Vibrations, Good Habits, The Bramall Bobcats, Will & Julia and The Dazed. It looks to be a fantastic night filled to the brim with fun, action and great tunes. And with a DJ until 1am, why not stick around after the bands perform and have a dance with everyone.

Head over to the Simply The Fest Facebook event page to get all the information. Tag 3 friends on the wall to enter the prize draw to win a bottle of vodka and free entry. See you there!

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