“We’ve gone from being scroungy little punks to wannabe jazz musicians to almost verging on post hardcore”

Wired Noise has had the opportunity to email Francobollo a series of questions about their recently released debut album ‘Long Live Life’ and their coming album tour, which kicks off this October starting in the UK, making their way around Europe.

Francobollo are one of the most exciting experimental-indie bands on the live circuit at the moment. Having origins from numerous places including Sweden, this band’s sound is truly unique. Playing numerous festivals including Kendal Calling and Liverpool Sound City Festival the band are making their mark. The multi-national outfit have just released their debut album ‘Long Live Life’, which features a whole variety of songs including tracks such as ‘Kinky Lola’.

What was the thinking behind the title of your recently released debut, “Long Live Life”?
 It’s from the Swedish ‘Länge Leve Livet’ which means exactly that, ‘Long Live Life’. 
 Simon had written it in English on a painting he did back in the day and Sean saw it and said that he thought that would be an ace album name. We all agreed!
 What was the motive behind writing “Worried Times”?
 When you’re stressed out about situations that you have little control over and the changes they bring with them. Growing up and having to make decisions based on priority in the long run rather than instantaneous fun. 
 How long did it take to get ‘your sound’? To elaborate, your music has a unique tone and different song structures from many artists, are there any noticeable reasons for this?
 It’s taken us the full extent of the 7–8 years, we’ve lived in London to get our current sound. And we’re always looking for ways to find new paths in the musical highland.
 We’ve gone from being scroungy little punks to wannabe jazz musicians to almost verging on post hardcore…
 As a band we enjoy randomness and not sticking to genres too much. The name of the band should be the only thing glueing the aeroplane together. The song Kinky Lola is the newest song out of all of them so you can probably expect a bit more of that sound on our live shows and on our next album. Can’t wait! Long Live Life!

The album has ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ comparing songs such as “Good Times” and “USO”, lyrically and musically. Is this something you wanted to come across on the album?
 This is something we want in all our music and something that’s been bothering us playing London shows. You only get half an hour so there’s little time to travel to more than one place. Now that we’re getting bigger gigs and more time on stage we’ll be a bit more unrestricted and make it more of a trip around the world than before. 
 What was the overall concept of the album?
 Life and everything that goes with it, 
 up’s and down’s, validation, humiliation, landlords and ever-changing post codes. 
 Contraband, things going out of hand, politicians and supply and demand
 CCTV, See the sea.
 How has the album had an impact on your career so far?
 Major changes in life style, we’ve all started tightening our upper lips and stretching our arms to be able to more efficiently iron our shirts. 
 There’s a bunch of kids waiting around our flats to top up our oyster cards in exchange for life wisdoms and dutch courage. 
 Is there anything you would have changed about the album?

 Record a voice saying “Kill John Lennon” then reverse it and paste it on some songs in the background. We like the subconscious in Francobollo. 
 What are you most looking forward to about your UK and Europe tour?
 Meeting and seeing who listens to Francobollo! It’s gonna be so exciting since we have no idea where or who the music’s reaching. We were sold out in Chichester’s HMV so might have a lil Franco crew there but who knows. Might just be someone’s mum.

Francobollo set out on a UK and European tour this October.

To find tour dates and information on the band visit: http://www.francobolloband.com/

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