Three Reasons to Update Your Mobile Strategy

Whether you sell products online, or simply post information on your web site so people can find you, chances are you’ve invested energy into having a mobile presence for your customers. As technology changes — with new and faster smart phones, and small and large screen tablets — thinking about mobile isn’t something you only do once. Here are three reasons why you might want to consider updating your mobile strategy.

Too much information

If your website is chock full of graphics and images, or contains too much data on a single page, it can be slow to load. This will annoy desktop users, but it’s a special annoyance for mobile users, who are searching for information in the go. According to a report by Kissmetrics, mobile users expect web browsing on their phone to be comparable to what they experience on their laptop. Your customers will spend more time on your web site if loads quickly, so they can find what they’re looking for without delay. Think about why your customers go to your site, and what they need to know, and then give it to them in a timely way.

Likewise, if your customers need to zoom in or slide side-to-side on their mobile screen, they also won’t stick around. Your web site should have a responsive design that automatically adapts to mobile devices in a way that’s seamless for the user.

You’re not optimized for all platforms

Being optimized for mobile has also become more complicated. As tech companies introduce new products, it can be hard to keep up, but you need to try. Although Apple and the iPhone once dominated the mobile market, Android phones have caught up. If your site isn’t configured to work well on all the major platforms, you risk missing out on serving a large portion of your customer base.

As well, in May 2016, Google rolled out a new algorithm that had a powerful impact on how sites turn up in its searches, by strengthening the ranking signal for mobile optimized sites. If you want your company to rise to the top of search rankings, you need to be mobile optimized.

You’re taking your social game up a notch

If you recently embraced social media, or decided to take your social strategy up a notch, mobile is full of opportunities to engage with your customers. There are also tremendous opportunities to learn about your customers, through the information you can collect from this engagement. Mobile applications that let customers sign in through their Facebook or Twitter account can generate powerful data that will give you new insights into who is searching for your products and what they’re searching for. Combined with other rewards programs, you can match this information with their actual purchases, and gain a whole new perspective on what’s actually driving your business.

Even mobile-minded organizations should refresh their mobile strategies on a regular basis. Your customers expect you to, which means you’ll both be disappointed if you’re not up-to-date.

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