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Two obstacles of Employee Involvement and Participation (EIP)

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As a note of Involvement and Participation (EIP), I am here to say what negatives are there to it. Take note that I am not against having EIP. Its just good to know the disadvantages of EIP for your organization.

EIP isn’t all perfect. Two obstacles of EIP are (1) communication complexity and (2) security risk.

Having more lines of communications can be disadvantageous. This may potentially lead to inconsistent decision making with employees . In having a lot of employees be able to have the ability in decision-making, more communications is essential. This is to make certain and sure decisions that are consistent across the organization. Not having consistency may cause confusion. With this, managers are giving more time to monitor EIP to prevent any negative consequences

I would say that another hindrance is the security risk of information. There is a risk of having a large number of employees getting involved in decisions. Consequently, sharing critical data and information that is very sensitive in nature. This means the business will be wary of confidential information leaking outside the company. The company will have to take measures to combat this. For example, not allowing any foreign technology being used in company owned technology (because data can be stored in tech devices which may cause a breach).




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