The fourth annual Bluetooth World is in Santa Clara this week.

Bluetooth is exploding — 100% growth in three months

I am honored to have been invited to speak for a second time in a row at the fourth annual Bluetooth World. The event brings together key players in the IoT space, as well as leaders from over 30,000 Bluetooth SIG member companies in the areas of telecommunication, computing, networking, data analytics, and consumer electronics. Over the next two days we will hear leaders from companies such as Indiegogo, Google, Toyota, Garmin, and Microsoft on how the (almost) thirty year-old Bluetooth standard for exchanging data over short distances continues to change the world.

On Wednesday, March 29, I will be facilitating a panel on “The next big thing in connected products: Raising money in a Bluetooth World.” It brings together insights from VCs and startups who see Bluetooth as a growth area.

At Wireless Registry, we actually witness that growth. In fact, from a sample of opted in mobile users over a recent three month period, Wireless Registry saw Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals double. As an IoT identity solutions provider, we have a front row seat to the emergence of new Bluetooth-enabled devices. Working with mobile apps and wireless device manufacturers, Wireless Registry’s technology observes, identifies, and indexes detectable WiFi, Bluetooth, and BLE signals in a single, searchable platform we call the SignalGraph™.

This SignalGraph™ reveals relationships among wireless devices, including smartphones and WiFi routers, as well as Bluetooth and BLE IoT/smart objects like wearables, consumer electronics and appliances, cars, and much more. In addition to providing business intelligence insights, the platform enables a variety of multi-factor authentication applications.

Innovation may occur when something that was designed to do one thing (like tethering or connecting two devices) gets used for something different (like building identity products from device detections over time). I look forward to engaging the conference attendees this week, and to learning more about innovative Bluetooth use cases as the signal standard grows with the world of IoT.