The Wireless Registry Closes New Funding Round

The Wireless Registry has successfully closed its first equity funding round to the full amount of $1.7 million. As part of the raise, we are very pleased to welcome a number of new investors, including members of the founding teams of Neustar (NYSE: NSR) and Blackbird (sold to Raytheon), as well as American Family Ventures, New Atlantic Ventures, and Point Judith Capital.

“We’re grateful for the trust and commitment from each of our investors, and are incredibly excited to build our identity and intelligence services for the Internet of wireless Things,” notes Patrick Parodi, co-founder and CEO of The Wireless Registry.

Over the past two years, the company has focused on expanding its patent portfolio, hiring a core team, and launching the opt-out mechanism for wireless MAC ID tracking. This new funding will enable The Wireless Registry to continue building its team, scale its technology platform, and grow its customer base.

“Stillman, Patrick, and the rest of the team have demonstrated their ability to deliver on the promise of a global registry for wireless names and identifiers,” explains Jeff Ganek, founder of Neustar and Chairman of The Wireless Registry Board of Directors. “With this successful raise, The Wireless Registry is well positioned to deliver a trusted solution to dominate the wireless identity and proximity space.”

The Wireless Registry charts the dynamic signal graph of Internet of Things devices. By observing and associating meaning to all detectable wireless signals (including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, and more), the company provides proximal intelligence and identity services, giving apps and businesses the power to engage with their users and customers in new ways.

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