Slate, Adobe’s shot at Medium

Adobe Slate, a possible Medium contender.

Screenshot from Adobe Slate
Screenshot from

This is the first time that I used Adobe Slate and the experience of using it somehow resonates the feeling of using Medium.

The minimal design, the simplicity and the ease of adding images made me realized that the Adobe Slate was really aimed at Medium. Both Adobe Slate and Medium has focused on one thing, “stories”. Stories written by people who wanted to publish it to the internet and share it with their friends and the world., view Top Stories or Write a Story

Adobe Slate is a service mainly focused on “visual stories”, which means it’s more on images/pictures. Highlighting or selecting word(s) will show you a popup with corresponding function like Bold, Italic, H1 and more; same with Medium.

Highlight or selecting words on Adobe Slate will show a popup with corresponding function.
Highlight or selecting words on Medium will show a popup with corresponding function.

Both Adobe Slate and Medium offers well-designed editor and simplicity of function in writing your stories, publishing and sharing it. The only concern that I have with Adobe Slate was for how long they can offer this service since Adobe has shutdown some of its services. Medium, however was really focused on offering this service since it was launched years ago.

For now, I’m more convinced that Medium is better than Adobe Slate but who knows what might happen in years to come. Can Adobe Slate expand its users or can Medium maintains its service? Who knows, it’s better that we have multiple options but we also have to consider which service we will use to publish and host our stories. Right now, it’s better to try both services besides you can share your stories and post it on both Adobe Slate and Medium. Enjoy writing stories!

Note: This insight has been published both in Adobe Slate and Medium, you can view it here:

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