An amazing 800,000 Wirex customers have now made $1 Billion of transactions

We have brilliant news to report today. Some 800,000 customers have made $1 Billion of transactions using Wirex app and payment card. And, in just a couple of months time, we are likely to have 1 million customers! We would like to thank each and every one of you for joining us on this incredible journey.

We felt it might be a good time to share a few insights about Wirex’s growth and improvements we will be making very shortly.

Wirex users growth chart

Every day, 3000 customers sign up to access our cryptocurrency wallet and app. That’s more than any of the traditional banks’ sign-up volumes by a considerable margin. Wahoo!

Transaction volumes are quite literally rocketing up to new highs every day, especially in terms of card spending. People want to spend their digital assets up and down the high street just as they would with a conventional card. That’s why our customers use Wirex cards to quickly and easily make purchases in stores and online-hassle free. Whether you want to spend some of your Ether, Bitcoin-or any number of other cryptocurrencies-Wirex cards make shopping simple.

Wirex contactless card

We’re growing at breakneck speed-20% every month-so scalability and customer support is a big deal to us. Consequently, we have taken steps to guarantee a high quality experience for all of our customers.

Here’s just a few ways we are making sure customers get the highest quality service.

Investing in our people

Firstly, we’re growing our team! Right now, we have 70 people in total spread across 3 offices in London (HQ), Tokyo and Kiev.

Wirex Kiev R&D centre

Cutting edge technology

We are focussed on providing the same excellent response time and quality for customers, regardless of where you are in the world. We are rapidly improving the Wirex platform, which consists of hundreds of micro services. Our infrastructure is 100% cloud based and can quickly scale to accommodate our fast-growing number of customers.

In-house development

We like to do most things ourselves for total control all along the value chain. All of our software development is conducted in-house, but now and again, we might turn to outside help for things we really couldn’t do effectively ourselves such as card issuing and document verification.

We find certain suppliers can’t help us to scale and provide us with the service quality we demand. That’s why we keep moving stuff in-house! I’m convinced this will result in better services and faster response times.

It’s an exciting time for Wirex and the cryptocurrency industry in general. Once again, we’d like to thank all our customers and supporters.