A New Standard for Fun and Fast Surveys

Why the speed of a survey matters.

People create surveys to collect valuable feedback to ultimately make better decisions. The more data you collect, the more reliable the results will be. A problem most surveys face is low completion rates. There are many factors that cause people to drop off a survey — the obvious reasons are that the survey is too long and boring.

At Wyzerr, we’ve created Smartforms, survey forms with playful designs. Currently, we have 8 Smartforms (Binary, Quadrant, Hexagon, Orbit, Grid, Multi Grid, Bubbles, Textgroup). It only takes about 5 seconds to complete half of the Smartforms (Binary, Quadrant, Hexgon and Orbit). For Smartforms that collect more information, the average completion time is around 20 seconds (Bubbles, Multi Grid and Textgroup). The detailed Smartform completion time and the frequency of the Smartform being used are shown in the following graph.

At Wyzerr, we aim to gather 20 data points within 60 seconds. This is possible by utilizing multiple interfaces that ask one question but can collect several different responses to the same question. For example, the Multi Grid Smartform contains 9 Yes/No questions and most people can finish 3 Multi Grid questions within 60 seconds (for a total of 27 Yes/No questions). Another example is utilizing the Bubbles Smartform. A typical Bubbles question contains six 4-scale rating questions, and most people can finish 3 Bubbles questions within 60 seconds (a total of 18 rating questions). Nevertheless, most of our customers want to add a Textgroup to the survey. Adding a Textgroup question to the survey has typically added another 20 seconds to the survey, and makes it hard to quantify data points. Without it, people can manage to finish a 13-question Wyzerr survey under 60 seconds. While we try to convince our customers to take advantage of our 60 second surveys, the reality is that most don’t. Below is the Median Wyzerr Survey Duration. We only counted surveys with over 100 responses in the following graph. The size of the circle represents the amount of responses.

With fun and fast Wyzerr surveys, we are able to acquire high completion rates. The average completion rate of a Wyzerr surveys is about 70%. All considered, these surveys are open surveys without any incentive. Our best completion rate has been a market research survey for a Fortune 100 company that saw a completion rate as high as 87% with over 25,000 responses. Below is a graph of our completion rates in relation to the number of questions. We only count surveys with over 100 responses in the following graph. The size of the circles represent the amount of responses.

Most survey creators tend to create long surveys because they want to get as much data as possible in the one opportunity they have their customer’s attention. However, these long surveys make it hard for everyone in our industry to collect feedback. Short, frequent surveys will collect the same amount of data over time, and we don’t risk annoying consumers in the process. They will be more willing to provide their feedback if we all adopted better practices around creating fast surveys. With the high completion rates of fast surveys, there will be more data for decision makers to draw actionable insights. That’s our goal here at Wyzerr: to set a new, faster standard for data collection and analytics.

By: Dr. Zhu, Lead Data Scientist, Wyzerr

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