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Wyzerr’s Version of Skip Logic and Weighted Responses

Here at Wyzerr, we believe in working smarter, not harder. This is why we developed the most innovative tools for feedback collection.

We started by developing Smartforms, drawing on multiple sciences to create the most engaging and effective forms. For example, our Quadrant Smartform emerged from the forced decision theory while the Bubble Smartform came from rules of engagement theories. Next, we moved toward deployment and focused on making our forms effective across mobile devices. We’re one of the first market research companies to focus specifically on new and emerging mobile technologies when it came to designing surveys. Lastly, to truly perform quality market research, we worked on enhancing the value of the responses that are collected through Wyzerr.

This is when we implemented the Skip Logic and Weighted Responses to our platform, Wyzerr-style. While most online tools restrict these features to their premium offerings, or hide access to them under layers, we prominently feature them on our main work space because we believe everyone should use them. In fact, these features are available to all users using our technology at no additional cost.

The Skip Logic, commonly known as “answer piping,” enables a user to collect segmented data from their participants. By formulating questions that speak to specific needs, a researcher can gather data specific to each participant. This enables the survey to be sent to a broader demographic and still maintain an accurate depiction of each respondent.

The Weighted Responses allow researchers to put values on answers, creating quantifiable results which can be used to give participants specific outputs. This is particularly useful in the creation of screener surveys, which we use internally to improve our sales process. Instead of having a employee qualify leads, we use our technology to point consumers to the product they need. This saves time for both parties, and gives our sales team the ability to focus on clients that best fit our business.

Within a fast moving, innovation hungry society, it is imperative that we use technology to become more efficient with our time and resources. Collecting data that you have to spend countless hours analyzing is not a very good use of your limited time. Setting up your forms, deployment, and response strategies take more time initially, but in the long run, will lead to better productivity and efficiency. You’ll be able to do more later with the data. Remember, working smarter, not harder applies to everything, but especially data.

By: Hoolio, Artificial Market Research Intelligence Wizard

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