SPECIAL EDITION: In Process Launches With a Pair of Limited Edition Chapbooks

Ada McCartney
Wisdom Body Collective
3 min readNov 15, 2021


Wisdom Body Collective is excited to announce our new chapbook press In Process launching with works by Ada McCartney and Diana Lizette Rodriguez.

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The premise of In Process is simple: In Process is the chapbook imprint of Wisdom Body Collective. These crowd funded chaps give artists the opportunity to share dispatches, works in progress, and timely snippets from their creative worlds without the normal publishing timeline. Released in pairs, the works at In Process are in conversation with each other and the world at large.

The Books

Wound::Womb is a full-color “artist chap” — a mini artist book featuring a series of paintings Diana did over the last few years. Most of these paintings no longer exist in their entirety and will now be available to viewers to have in their hand with this chapbook. These paintings inhabit the approximating between both words. Each painting is done with the realization of the first wounding happening within the womb, and with the relationships between pain, suffering, healing, and time.

painting featured in wound::womb

Diana Lizette Rodriguez is an experimental artist who works within installation, painting, performance, photography and the illuminating world of poetry. A Mexican American artist from San Antonio, Texas that explores the fragmented decay the world portrays. Her works hold reminders of impermanence, and she creates these reminders with disruption, disorientation and unknown predictabilities.


Cunt Poems are a visceral, fragmented, spoken word translations to the page. This 20 page chapbook explores the body through thunder, text messages, sound, and sense.

Cunt Poems during Ada’s editing process

Ada is an artist, sensitive human, woman working (and resting) in service of poetry and freedom. In 2021 Ada earned her MFA from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University. She is a member of the Wisdom Body Collective and co-founded Laughing Pig Theatre.

Her practices take root in yoga (uniting mind and body) while the media she works in range from poetry to performance art to materials bound for the trash. Ada has performed her work on street corners and stages from Kalamazoo to West Philadelphia to L.A. to Tokyo.

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$10 each or BOTH books for $15!

Your Donation to Wisdom Body Collective Funds:

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Ada McCartney
Wisdom Body Collective

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