Why does wellness matter?

We are beginning a new project that will explore what wellness means across 7 dimensions: Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, Occupational, Social, Intellectual and Environmental.

I have noticed that the word “wellness” has risen to the fore in the last few years. The growth in the number of people turing to gyms (or other equivalents) in a bid to fine tune their bodies is well documented, and has led to the prevalence of a fitness culture. We have similarly seen mental health become more prominent, and in fact at the point of writing this it is mental health awareness week and we are being reminded of how important it is to take care of our headspace. As an individual who partakes in a pretty militant fitness regime (or so I would like to think) and has recently started to meditate semi-religiously am I right to believe that I have reached the Mecca of wellness? I, and the rest of the team here at Wordjar, are a curious bunch and as we started to ask some questions we realised that we had only just scratched the surface.

Our quality of life is dependent on 7 dimensions that involves our spiritual, mental and physical states:

1 Physical wellness: Forming constructive habits that allows us to carry out our every day activity with an energised and healthy body

2 Emotional wellness: Being aware of our emotions, understanding ourselves, and being able to share our feelings in a productive matter

3 Social wellness: Connecting with people in the world, being able to build and maintain positive relationships

4 Spiritual wellness: Gaining an understanding of the presence of a greater force at play that binds us all together, contributing to peace and harmony in our lives

5 Occupational wellness: Being in a work environment that ties into our sense of purpose and allows us to contribute to society while having a work life balance

6 Intellectual wellness: Having a mind that is open to learning and new experiences that can be applied to our personal situations

7 Environmental wellness: Accepting the role we have to play in the state of our environments and being able to contribute to the health of our planet and our communities

The theory says that these 7 dimensions are interconnected and to achieve a true state of wellbeing we must experience continuous growth in all seven. But how practical is this? We can barely find time to watch all of our favourite shows on Netflix, how can we even hope to begin experiencing such holistic growth? These are the answers that we will be hoping to find.

For many years at Wordjar we have used our platform to help people share their stories with the world. Wisdom Within will be a story of humanities struggle towards a fulfilled existence, that we hope will educate, inspire and motivate you to start your own journey of true wellness.