Are You Spending Enough Time With Yourself ?

Dhaval Chauhan
Sep 12, 2016 · 3 min read
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We meet a lot of people everyday, Few meetings are accidental while some are pre scheduled but in the the hustle and bustle of daily life we forget one person to give time to and that’s ourselves.

With the momentum of the city and chaos of the modern life we have lesser and lesser time for minor things. We try to get maximum things done throughout the day but there will always be more than enough things that can be done in 24 hours and therefore only the important things get done while less important things linger around in todo list

And one of the thing that keeps getting jotted in todo list everyday is meditation and self assessment. We do so many things everyday but do we ever assess ourselves ? Or question ourselves, Are we doing it right and should we be even doing it in the very first place.

We are so busy with our monotonous life that we have forgot what’s right and wrong we are just doing it without giving it a second thought.

Next question arises how do we self assess ? So self assessment can be done in quite few days and there no standard way of doing it. You can device your own method and it’s that simple.

I write a journal at the end of the day which contains what I did the entire day, What I could have achieved and what I have actually achieved and lastly what’s the goal for the next day

Every time I underachieve I feel bad about myself and the time which went by and will never come back but at the same time it fuels me up for the next day and I carry forward the goals which I couldn’t do and try to achieve it the next day

Well I understand I am not perfect and most of the time I over estimate and then I fail to get to the goal but what the entire process has taught me is the importance of time management and value of self assessment

Why spending a very small amount of time spent in self assessment helps me calculate the entire day and set goals for the next.

Setting goals for next has it’s own benefits, I wake up with a plan and set of things that I need to get done that day which is better than waking up and thinking what to do next.

This plan motivates me to get up as early as possible because that will give the maximum daylight.

Well these are baby steps from my side in pursuit of becoming more productive

Wise Monkey, Wiser Donkey

The sounds of silence made readable with ASCII codes

Dhaval Chauhan

Written by

With time people change, So did I! I do not write this stuff anymore and don’t know what to write either, Don’t follow if you expecting more content. K bye.

Wise Monkey, Wiser Donkey

The sounds of silence made readable with ASCII codes

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