Be Phenomenal Or Be Forgotten

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Do the exact opposite of what you think to console yourself.

When I was developing my first project in 2011 when I was mainly a backend developer and knew bit of UI/UX, It was a social network and I said to myself “even though this ain’t looking pretty but it’s stable, people will like that”

What happened ?
No one spent enough time to notice the site was stable and didn’t go down for a single minute.

Lesson Learnt -
First make it interesting like “Pokemon Go”, Once people stick to it they will whine about the downtime but they will still use your app no matter what because they like it and that matter more than stability.

I am not saying stable is bad, What I am focusing on is “Interesting is better”.

Next I made image search app, I said to myself “what I do want from a search algorithm ?”. Yep that’s speed.
I didn’t ponder over it for more than ten minutes and made the app that was fast and light while giving least importance to designs and layout.

End result :

It looked like 1998’s Yahoo but fast.

So ?

Yes, you got it right again, No one searched multiple time to realise it was fast and less resource hungry than most of the apps.

Lesson learnt:

This is design era where apps become billion dollar company because design kicks ass. Yep Airbnb it is.

So what I did next ?
Downloaded “Sketch” read entire book Design+Code and now I have started to get the taste of designs
Here’s what I did last night :

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